13 October 2017

Believe us – it takes more than just putting it in the wardrobe for the summer in a conditioned bag. Actually, you NEVER want to use plastic bag for storage of your furry. The fur needs air circulation to keep the hide from drying out and cracking.

First of all your fur coat must be examined before cleaning and repairing process. If there are any loose linings, they must be sewed and worn out fastening - replaced. During this conditioning period dirt and destructive pollutants should be removed.

Proper conditioning will not change fur colour, discolour or shrink it. After conditioning, fur must be glazed. It restores its shine.

Famous Fashion Boutique’s advices for fur cleaning and storage:

In the end of each winter season clean your fur coat annually.

Dry cleaning is not recommendable for fur clothes and accessories.    Trust professionals for fur cleaning and do not try to clean your fur coat by yourself – you might damage it.    

After you clean your coat, put it In a condition bag on a DRY DARK place in your closet. If you expose it to light and oxygen fur colours fade.

Store your coat on a broad-shouldered hanger. Do not make a compromise on that, as you want to keep the shoulders from loosing their shape.

Never use plastic bags and containers for fur storage.

Air circulation is necessary for proper care and maintenance of fur items.

Wet fur should dry naturally, but in well-ventilated spaces. Just shake it well to remove as much of the wet from the coat if possible and let it dry. When it gets dry fluff it gently with hand.

Do not put your fur coat near heating items!

Combing and brushing wet fur is not recommended.  Gently take off the water from dry fur and put it on a broad-shoulder hanger to dry on a well ventilated space.

Avoid perfume, jewelry left pinned to the fur, shoulder straps and any items and substances that might damage the fur. If you want to scent it with your luxury perfume – spray ahead and step into the perfume mist. This is a must-know tio to all ladies who want to show high class style.

Do you know that…. If you take proper care of your furry you can actually LEAVE IT TO YOUR GRAND DAUGHTER? It is known that properly taken care of furrs last in great condition up to 50 years!

Famous Fashion Boutique Advice: Professional furrier will take care of your furs best!

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