Payment, Delivery and Returns


Upon delivery payment is pre-paid by bank transfer or via PayPal, Western Union, PaySera or

Delivery in EUROPE:
Delivery in EU is made up to 4 weeks after an Order is placed in

PAYMENT: Payment is made by bank transfer in advance. The account to which the specific amount is to be transferred will be received by our consultants by e-mail upon your request. By e-mail you get a copy of an international identification code to check where your shipment is.

We send item after your payment by bank transfer, PaySera, PayPal, Western Union or is made. After you make an order, our online consultants will send you an e-mail with confirmation for order.



Please be advised that under the CPA you have the right to return the product purchased by SATEN BG Ltd. within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of receipt of the product without giving any reason. In order for your claim to be honored, you need to return the product (s) purchased by SmartShop Ltd. in a commercial form, in the original package and complete set exactly the way you received it. SmartShop Ltd. reserves the right to refuse the approval of your claim if any of the conditions are not met. Upon expiration of the 14-day period, a product purchased from SmartShop Ltd is subject only to GUARANTEE SERVICE. For your convenience and information, we apply a sample of the CPA:

"Art. 50. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract at a distance or off-premises contract, without indicating a reason, without due compensation or penalty and without paying any expenses, except for the expenses provided in Art. 54, para. 3 and Art. 55, within 14 days from the date of:
1. conclusion of the contract - for a service contract;
2. acceptance of the goods by the consumer or by a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the consumer - under a sales contract

Art. 52. Where the consumer wishes to withdraw from the distance or off-premises contract, he shall inform the trader of his decision before the expiry of the time limit under Art. 50.

Art. 55. Where the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal from the distance or off-premises contract and where the trader has not offered to take the goods himself, the consumer must either send or surrender the goods back to the trader or to a person authorized by him without undue delay; Not later than 14 days from the date on which the consumer has notified the trader of his decision to withdraw from the contract under Art. 52. The deadline is considered to be met if the consumer sends or surrenders the goods back to the trader before the end of the 14-day period.
(2) The consumer pays only the direct costs for the return of the goods under par. (1), except where the trader has agreed to pay them or if the trader has not informed him that the cost of returning the goods is payable by the consumer.

For more information:

In the event of a factory defect found at the receipt of the product, the customer shall return the same to the trader's account and shall be replaced by the same or similar upon prior arrangement with the customer. In this case the transportation costs are at the expense of SAT BG BG.

If, on receipt of a good, it is damaged or torn off due to improper transportation or if there is a lack, the claim and the insurance will only be honored in the presence of the courier. In this case, please contact us immediately or refuse to accept the goods. The claim is certified by a note on the courier's bill of lading. A record is prepared describing the status of the shipment and its packaging. If you accept the shipment under your own responsibility and do not submit your claim to the courier, the claim may be considered void.

IMPORTANT! In case of claiming and sending a product, back to SATEN BG BG, according to Art.55, the transportation costs are for the account of the client. The customer has the right to choose a return way and a forwarding company to perform the service. In the event that a shipment sent to a claim to SAT BANK LTD is not paid as a value from the client, SATAN BG EOOD will refund the amount of an approved claim from which a fixed amount of EUR 19 will be deducted with VAT. Received shipment on a claim is checked by an employee of SATEN BG LTD in the presence of a courier and the status of the product is established at the moment of its receipt. In order to approve a claim for a product (s), the person (s) undergo an assessment of the condition by an employee of SATEN BG EOOD.
If a claim is made, irrespective of whether the claim is within 14 days of the date of receipt or after it, when the product is subject to warranty service, you must return all purchased purchasing and additional documents and explanatory forms (invoice, Receipt, cash receipt, warranty card, etc.).


Please for return of an item click HERE to get the Standard Online Disclaimer Form for online purchases according to the CPA of Bulgaria.

To use the  return option - please fill in the form with all the data correctly. It is extremely important to fill in the exact day as the date you made the order to process your form more quickly.

Online boutique FFB. (famousfashionboutique) notifies you that you can replace (return) an item within 14 days.
In order for this option to be valid, the user must fill in the form on the left and keep the consignment note with which the shipment was received.

Replace without a completed Replacement / Return form is not accepted. You will find the Replacement / Return Form HERE.
Replacements are not arranged by phone, as you need to fill in all the details and send us the form that declares your willingness to exchange.

Famous Fashion Boutique is committed to processing your form within 24 working hours.

Required time to make a replacement of a good

* When replacing an item, you get the new item (different item or different size) within 4 weeks of return. Our online consultants will let you know by email the date of sending the replaced item. Please make sure by that time you have sent us back the item you want to replace.

* When refunding FamousFashion Boutique refunds the amount of the item through a bank account, PaySera account or PayPal account. Famous Fashion Boutique does not reimburse the shipping costs of the original item dispatch. Refunds are made on the same basis as the receipt of the item.

Contacting Customer Care Department, which deals with Replacements and Returns:
+ 359 897213150


Work time: Monday - Thursday - 10:00 - 16:30

                    Friday                        - 10:00 - 15:30

(Please note the opening hours of the department, if you do not receive a response, note if it is not Saturday or Sunday or the time you are contacting us)