21 October 2017





  • If you are a Facebook fan - take a time, look at our Facebook page. For less than a year of existance it has ONLY 5 stars rating, all from real customers from different European countries. It is always good to know what other clients say before you place your first order online.


  • We know, keep and welcome the European Directives and Laws about online Shopping. As an online shop based in the EU we strictly follow all its rules and obligations. This means that as our customer you benefit all clients rights each European Citizen has as an online shopper - return of goods *except for custom made items, exchange and money back guarantees. We work with PayPal and Visa/Mastercard and we have a certificate on our front page we are a legal company with legal attributes. You don't need to trust, when there is law.


  • We take custom orders on almost all of the items in our online boutique. This means that with small exceptions you can order (and in fact we constantly receive custom orders) for 'those shoes with a lower heel' or 'with biffer calf, please' or a coat taylored your size. It is OK with us, this is what we do - we bring fashion to you. We are not a supermarket. We are a fashion boutique :)


  • Our Moto is 'We are your private Shopping Heaven'. We want to make your day brigther. Do you know, that 9% of our customers spend more than an hour in our online shop before they make a first order? This is such a pleasure for us to see somebody walking the corridors of our virtual buiding, trying items, deciding, going back, comparing, leaving and coming back with a girlfirend...  Use the Chat function in the down right corner of your display. Ask as much as you want. You are our Fashion Project. You came to FFB. to leave with a purchase and be more happy, confident and relaxed than you were before you met us. 


  • All of our items have real photos. If you notice a real difference and the item you bought from us did not meet your standards or expectations - please send us the item back and we will refund the money you paid for it! Unconditionally!


  •  Our Consultants and Personal Shopping Assistants speak 2 or 3 languages, but you may happen to speak the 4th they don't. Do not worry. Our site is in English (for the time being) but we will write you in your language, even with 2 or 3 spelling mistakes. Thus we will better our multilingual skills for free, which is fine - plus the universally known fact, that Fashion is an international common language.


  • We personally check, pack and send each order. We are not a supermarket. You can keep contact with us from the moment you make your order to the time you get your loved FFB item - the time should be no more than 29 days. We personally give orders how an item should be produced, so you can write us questions and you will get answers. We are responsible for your order because we care. We are not a postal service. We are not a call center. We are Famous Fashion Boutique!


  • Sometimes the system would block and empty your cart. Sometimes there is a check you had to do but you missed. It's ok. Write us on chat. Send us a message at customercare@famousfashionboutique.com . We will take your order and wait for your payment later for confirm. We know what passion for fashion means!


  • You need one more reason? :) Take a tour in our online shop and you will find it in minutes!


Welcome to your private shopping Heaven!


There are at least 7 reasons why any classy woman should have a faux fur coat from Famous Fashion Boutique in her wardrobe. REad this fast remarks and decide for yourself! At Famous Fashion Boutique you will find high class faux fur overcoats and coats to suit different styles and preferences! Check HERE and make your choice!

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If you want your wear your fur coat for long and you want it clean and shining as in the moment you bought it, here’s what you need to do. If you take proper care of your furry you can actually LEAVE IT TO YOUR GRAND DAUGHTER for her 21st birthday!

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Fashion is a statement of who you are and what you love - but eversince the 60's it is much more - it is an outstanding moto of what you FEEL and WHO you are Choosing to wear faux fur is a matter of understanding your woman power in the everchanging world

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Autumn is knocking on the door of your wardrobe - let it in, say hello to the latest fashion trends with Famous Fashion Boutique! All the colors are welcome, all matteries combine together in an unique blend just to make the whole world smile at you!

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The exciting new collection of FFB. with ultra modern models for Autumn - Winter 17-18 is getting ready to make you more beautiful as ever! Faux fur, real fur, genuine leather, PU, color, color, color and lots of the new fashion tendencies for the season - online soon on FFB.!

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