Terms and Services for shopping with Famous Fashion Boutique








within the meaning of the e-commerce law



With each order, the user automatically accepts the terms and conditions at www.famousfashionboutique.com.


All ads on www.famousfashionboutique.com are not a commercial offer under the Civil Procedure Code. With the order with the "ORDER" button, you do not enter into a deal with the company, but only declare that you want to get the item to an address or office of a courier. A deal is deemed to be concluded only upon payment of the item. In this sense, with the "ORDER" button, you do not purchase the item until you pay for it (all payment methods available are described in the PAYMENT section on each Order).

The company does not guarantee the availability of the announced models. A paid request can be canceled. An accepted request is only the one in which the item is available, the price and the data are correct and the availability is confirmed. A received order is considered to be only an order that has the status "Sent" in the system. Orders with status "Processed", "Declined", "Not available" are not confirmed.

The company is not obliged to respond to received online messages from customers within a specified period. If an item is not available, we notify customers about it personally by phone or e-maill. If we can not contact the customer by phone (not responding or phone is not correct), the order is canceled within 12 hours. The order can be re-requested after the customer has contacted the online Famous Fashion Boutique department for clarification.

The final price of the goods or services includes all taxes and fees;

The payment terms are only for cash, delivery is made by a courier company. In this sense, there is a sale only after payment of the courier's payment. Before the payment of the charge, the customer has no right to possession of the goods. Upon order, the item is made individually for the customer. The online boutique AVIN delivers your orders within the time specified under the article description and confirmed by our online consultants. The request is made in the presence of the product, except in cases where the item is defective or has other circumstances that do not allow the fulfillment of the standard terms;


General conditions of distance and distance contracts within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act between


The company SATEN BG EOOD, Yambol, 45 Dim. Blagoev Bldvd, ent Б app 45, 201867896 is hereinafter referred to as SUPPLIER, and the buyer of the goods sold at the online store famousfashionboutique.com, hereinafter referred to as  CUSTOMER


Art. 3. (1) of ЗЗЕТ / 24.12.2006 The service provider is a natural or legal person providing information society services), on the one hand,

And the person who has agreed to these General Terms and Conditions, hereinafter referred to as the CUSTOMER (Service recipient is a natural or legal person who uses information society services for professional or other purposes, including for the search of Information or access to it) in connection with ordering and purchasing the goods through the e-shop www.famousfashionboutique.com


Article 1. The Provider provides the User with the opportunity to comply with these Terms of Service by declaring the goods offered at www.famousfashionboutique.com.


Art. The provider publishes its offers on a web site: www.famousfashionboutique.com

With the following information:

     * A description of the main features and a realistic representation of each commodity according to the information provided by the manufacturer;

    * The sale price, as well as a rate of courier cost, not included in the price of the goods associated with their delivery;

    * Information on payment methods, delivery and performance of the contract;

    - the right of the User, the terms and manner of giving up the contract and the conditions under which the goods can be returned, except in the case of the "Consumer Protection Act";

    * Any other information that the provider is obliged under Bulgarian law to provide promptly to the User prior to the purchase of the Goods by the User.

    * With the press of the button 'BUY' (and equivallent in all available languages the site famousfashionboutique.com tenders) the CUSTOMER еxplicitly and completely agrees all his personal data to be collected and stored for the period, granted by the Bulagrian Law, for the porposes of the delivery of the goods and for the purposes of creating and maintaining CUSTOMER PORIFILE of the CUSTOMER.

 Art.3. In order to be entitled to make valid requests to receive the goods offered on www.avinonline.com, the user must indicate the address for receipt of the order and a current telephone. The user ensures that the data he / she provides is true, complete and accurate and, if changed, will update them in a timely manner. No part of this data will be used for other purposes.

 Article 4. By providing the requested data above, the User expresses "online" consent to these Terms and Conditions, which he / she considers to be bound by their terms.

 Article 5. When a request is made, the e-shop www.famousfashionboutique.com informs the User of the ordering of his order in the system at the email address specified by him. Recording a request is not considered as an order but only as a record, a willingness to deliver.


SATEN BG Ltd is an Operator of EPrsonal Data registered at the Comission for Administrators of Personal Data under the Nr of 431152